Are there any Accessible Taxis in Stafford?

Yes, see the Useful links on this website for more information on accessible taxis. There are also a number of Private Hire Firms that take Wheelchairs.

Are the buses in Staffordshire fully accessible?

Yes, the buses are accessible through a combination of high kerbs and lowering buses along with fold out ramps: the only drawback is that the buses can only hold one wheelchair at a time or two pushchairs at a pinch and the space is sometimes limited.

Where can I get a bus in Stafford?

The two main places to catch the buses are in Goal Square and Chell Road (by Wilkinson’s) although you can catch a number of  different routes at the train station.

Is Stafford railway station fully accessible?
Yes, there is low kerb access, manned ticket counter in “normal working Hours”, easy to use ticket machines, lifts to all platforms, a Radar Key accessible toilet on platform One, taxi rank and is within easy walking distance of the town centre. Help with ramps for getting wheelchairs and Pushchairs onto and off of the trains can be arranged.

Is Stone railway station fully accessible?

No, the northbound platform can only be accessed via a footbridge with steps and no ramp or lift. The station is unmanned.

Can I get help to get on and off a train at Stafford Station?

Yes, you can book help in advance once you know which train you will be catching. Stafford Station is run by Avanti West Coast assisted travel no 08000 158 123 (also online at web site) also CrossCountry assisted travel no: 08000 309 224 and National Rail Enquiries assisted travel no 08000 223 720, Text 60083.

Where can I find an accessible public toilet in Stafford?

There are the toilets by Wilkinson’s and on the top floor of the Guildhall shopping centre along with toilets in both parts of Victoria park by the railway station.  All of these have limited opening hours. The Three (3) main supermarkets in the town Asda, Sainsbury and Tesco’s have accessible toilets.  Most places that offer food and drink will have a toilet for Patrons of the establishment. Toilets can also be found in the library, based in Staffordshire Place 1 and in the Staffordshire borough council building again limited to opening hours.

Where can I find a changing table with hoist?

You can find one in the foyer of Staffordshire Place in office hours. (See Useful links on this website)

Where can I hire a buggy?

A number of companies offer electric wheelchair hire in Stafford Borough. It is best to do an internet search on "electric wheelchair hire in Staffordshire".

Where can I get help with walking aids or wheelchairs?

This is a health/medical problem so ask your GP doctor although the Red Cross offer wheelchairs for hire.

Where can I get help with independent living aids?

Staffordshire County Council has outsourced this work to Staffordshire Cares who run a helpful website. 0300 111 8010.  Also try an internet search on "independent living aids suppliers Staffordshire". Stone Lions run a mobility service providing certain aids on loan.  They can be contacted via Stone Lions.

How do I report a problem with Access to you?

By going to the Contact us page and filling in the details in the boxes provided.

Where can I find more information on Disabled rights and issues?

By clicking on one of the links on the main website page. (See Useful links on this website).

Can I apply for  blue badge?

You can find eligibility conditions on the Stafford County Council website here and can apply for the badge on-line. The website will also require documentary evidence and proof of eligibility. If you are unsure about computers or do not have the required equipment you can visit the council office or get assistance from your local library.
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